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Back in the day, (we are talking the 70s and 80s here) I held a number of positions in Corporate America. Many of those endeavors were very rewarding while a few were not so much. On two different occasions, several years apart, I participated in a four day Social Style training program conducted at WHQ in Troy, OH. The net results of those two workshops - my predominate interpersonal skill sets were identified as Driving and Analytical. I suspect that those who know me well and probably many who only know me casually would agree. I could have skipped those eight days of seminars as they would have labeled me as such in a matter of minutes.

Fast forward a couple decades and over sixteen hundred miles and I am now living in Las Cruces, NM applying those skill sets in pursuit of my three passions: website development, photography, and writing. It is my hope that this ever-expanding website will provide the perfect platform for developing and showcasing these endeavors.

Website Development

There was a time when only businesses and the geekiest of geeks had a website. Today owning your own website has gone mainstream and website services are now boasting that anyone can create their own website in a matter of minutes.

I like to think of myself as the working man's (or woman's) website developer. In my opinion there are a lot of individuals and small businesses that could benefit from a website. Unfortunately, all too often they consider the development and maintenance of a website beyond their means. That's a niche for which I am well suited.





The science and art of capturing images, still and moving, has evolved over hundreds of years. Today professional and amateur photographers alike can equip themselves with the most complex array of hardware and software, costing tens of thousands of dollars, or they can opt for the simplest of cameras, costing mere "pocket change."

While according to the dictionary, I am a photographer, I typically refer to myself as a guy with a camera (and a few other associated tools of the trade). While I have been accused of being too hard on myself, I am keenly aware of the fact that, when it comes to photography, despite all that I know, there is far, far more that I have yet to learn.





Much like photography, writing is part science and part art. In the most simplest of categorizations, the written word is intended to either educate or to entertain. As with photography, there are professional and amateur writers, some of whom write for profit and some of whom write strictly for pleasure.

Given my extensive technical background and my predominate interpersonal skill sets, as mentioned above, my writing is geared towards informing and educating moreover amusing and entertaining. That said, I attempt to educate in an entertaining fashion and I have been known to occasionally "let my hair down" and write an entertaining piece (with an informing undertone of course).




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