About Me

Hello, my name is Michael Tannehill and I live in Las Cruces, NM USA with Judy, my wife of 40 plus, plus years. Fact is we are rapidly approaching our fiftieth wedding anniversary. Judy and I were born and raised in Ohio – the land of corn and soybeans and cows, pigs, and chickens. And fish fries, ice cream socials, and root beer stands – things we haven’t found in and around our new home. But what we have found, in and around our new home, are family and new friends, many new vistas to explore, and many new sights and tastes to experience.

I graduated high school in 1968 at the age of seventeen. At the age of eighteen I was married, with our only child on the way, working as a service technician for Montgomery Wards. The bulk of my working days were spent at Hobart Corp (the food equipment manufacturer, not the welders).

I have always been a techie, nerdy kinda guy who learned to build and fix stuff at a very early age. Over the years I went from carrying a tool box, to training those who did, to managing those who trained those who did. The training that I have learned on the job has served me well at home and over the years, we have tackled many a household project – from carpentry to plumbing to electrical and so much more.

I bought my first camera way back in the early seventies – even had my own darkroom for a while. And in the early eighties I bought my first computer – even built and repaired them for a number of years. As mentioned before, it is my hope that this website will provided the perfect platform for showcasing these three hobbies.

And in case you were wondering, we are not (and never really were) Ohio State Buckeye fans. Incidentally I recently read that New Mexico is the only state that has USA on their license plate. Apparently in an effort to clarify the fact that New Mexico is part of the United States and not part of Mexico. Yes folks, when Judy and I travel back to Ohio to visit family and friends, no passports are required.