About Me

What I Am:

  • been a computer geek since the days of the Atari 800XL and the 5 1/4" floppy disc - bought first computer in 1981
  • have built and/or fixed computers and provided computer support almost ever since
  • presently retired and photography and computers are my passions and my hobbies - not my livelihood
  • while my time is worth something, more about helping others and learning new stuff vs. running a business

What I Am Not:

  • don't have an office on Main Street - don't have a staff of 8 to 10 professional developers
  • don't have 30 plus years of graphics design experience - haven't created 100s of websites
  • not interested in operating another small business - more interested in teaching man and/or woman to fish
  • a lot of businesses only need a small Internet presence and that is a niche I am more than qualified to serve


  • you get an awesome website for not a lot of money - I keep my gray matter stimulated while learning new stuff