Website Development - Easy as 1 - 2 – 3 - 4

  • 1 - Domain

    1 - Domain

    Unique name visitors use to access your website. Reasonably priced. Anyone can own one.

    (Some low priced Domain sellers do not provide other services.)

  • 2 - Host

    2 - Host

    Service that connects your Domain to the Internet. Many Host providers offer various packages based on individual needs.

    (Basic service is generally more than sufficient for most small businesses.)

  • 3 - Content

    3 - Content

    Overall look, navigation, and content of your website. Who you are, what services you provide, contact info.

    (Three to six page website sufficient for most small businesses.)

  • 4 - Updates

    4 - Updates

    Revisions to content as information changes.

    (Most small businesses don't change the content of their website that much or that often.)