Website Overview

  • Create Google or Yahoo eMail account prior to registering Domain Name - even if already have one
  • Consider goals for website(s) in order of importance and relative roll-out timing of each segment
    • what is must-include content and what is nice-to-include content
  • Create rough draft of website layout, initial number of pages, initial basic content of each page
  • Consider multiple websites based on purpose and/or functionality
    • eCommerce site is just that and typically not practical for other purposes
  • Determine domain name, # of domains/sub-domains, # of emails
  • Consider current and future skill sets for website design, development, and maintenance
    • long term commitment and effort needed to “care for and feed” website(s)
    • creation of content, art work, and photos for website
    • management of inventory, accounting, etc.
  • Consider # of products for online store – initial and future
  • Evaluate possible integration of local products/sales with online products/sales?
  • Evaluate preferred payment option(s) – Amazon Pay, Square, PayPal, other
  • Consider importance of integration with social media – which ones

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